Natural Family Planning at St. Michael’s

What is Natural Family Planning?

Natural Family Planning, or NFP, is the general term that refers to scientific, natural, and moral methods that help couples achieve or delay pregnancy.

While the most common sign observed is cervical mucus secretions, some methods also use temperature or fertility monitors that detect hormones in the urine. When used properly, all of these methods are effective. By detecting the fertile window (around 10 days per month), these methods allow couples to time intercourse outside of this window if they want to avoid pregnancy, or within this window if they want to achieve pregnancy.

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How is NFP different from contraception?

Different Methods of NFP

Billings Method

The Billings Ovulation Method is based on an awareness of the woman’s natural cycles of fertility and infertility, unmodified by any chemical, mechanical, or other artificial means. It takes advantage of the biological fact that women are infertile more often than fertile throughout their procreative years.

Serena Method

Serena is a Canadian organization which teaches the sympto-thermal method (STM) of NFP, which works in harmony with the woman’s natural fertility cycle, even during breastfeeding, menopause and other circumstances.

Marquette Method

The Marquette method makes use of the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor (CBEFM), which assists the couple to be more precise with identifying ovulation by measuring hormone levels in urine to estimate the beginning and end of fertility in a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Creighton Model

The CrMS relies upon the standardized observation and charting of biological markers that are essential to a woman’s health and fertility. These “biomarkers” tell the couple when they are naturally fertile and infertile.

Which method is right for me?

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More Resources

  • Marquette Method: NFP resource from Marquette University. The Marquette method physician in Calgary is Dr. Thomas Bouchard (call 403-271-5124 to book, no referral necessary. Say it is for “NFP”)
  • Creighton Model: More information on fertility care system and the Natural Procreative Technology. Creighton model instructor in Calgary is Maria Bizecki (
  • Main resource page for the Serena Sympto-Thermal method. Instructors for this method are Marcia and Larry Lehew (403-251-0463).
  • website of the Natural Family Planning Association of Alberta, which teaches the Billings Ovulation Method. Instructor for this method is Leeann Kinderwater ( or 403-307-8142).
  • Purity is Possible: applying the wisdom and science of behavioral therapy to overcome addictive sexual behaviors.
  • Reclaim Sexual Health: a science-based, Catholic online recovery program for those impacted by porn.
  • Integrity Restored: a resource for individuals affected by porn addiction.
  • Fight the New Drug: non-religious organization raising awareness about the harm caused by porn.
  • Chastity Project: a ministry by Jason and Crystalina Evert to promote the virtue of chastity.
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