Eternal Springs Columbarium

The Columbarium at St. Michael offers a consecrated and sacred space where the cremated remains of deceased loved ones may rest in perpetuity, awaiting the return of our Lord.

We welcome both parishioners and non-parishioners alike

Conveniently located on the main floor next to our Day Chapel, the bright and peaceful columbarium space can be easily accessed from the south entrance.

We have over 500 available niches, with sizes ranging from single to family, which can accommodate up to 4 urns. Beautifully-crafted glass niches provide opportunities for family members to personalize niches with photos. Furthermore, our floor plan offers niche locations in both private and open areas.



Eternal Springs Columbarium is open daily, including weekends, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. After-hours visiting is also available for those with loved ones interred in the columbarium.

For individual pricing or for more information, please contact us at 403 249 0423 ext. 126, or by email at

Our Columbarium is located immediately inside the south door entrance. See below for directions to our church.

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If you have any questions or would like more info about our columbarium, please click here. You can also use the form below to contact Francesca, our Columbarium Manager, or call 403-249-0423 ext. 126.

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