Flocknote for Volunteers

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This information is for volunteers who want to use Flocknote to communicate with everyone in their ministry. This page is also available as a PDF handout.

To start using Flocknote, you first have to do the following:

(If you haven’t yet)

  1. Sign up by going to www.flocknote.com/smcyyc.
  2. Create a login: if all you want is receive email updates from your group, you do not have to do this step. However, if you want to be able to send emails to your group*, you need to create a login — this will allow you to access Flocknote’s back-end. Click here to learn how to create a login.

*Generally, only group admins can send emails. However, group admins can designate users as a “note sender” — this enables a user to send an email to the whole group without being a group admin. Please consult with your ministry leader or group admin about being a note sender.

If you are a note sender and would like to know how to send emails, follow the guide below.

1. Access Flocknote

1. Open your web browser, go to www.flocknote.com, and click “login”

Flocknote’s login window

2. After logging in, you will be redirected to the Flocknote dashboard. On the left sidebar, you will see all of the groups that you are a member of.

The Flocknote dashboard (click to enlarge)

2. Sending emails

1. To send an email (i.e. a “note”), click on your group/ministry on the left sidebar, then click the blue, envelope icon on the top-left portion of the screen. This will bring up the email composer.

Example: UNITE Youth on Flocknote. in this screenshot, you can see all the previous notes that have been sent to this group. Click on the top-left blue envelope icon to compose an email.

2. The email composer is quite straightforward: on top you’ll see the “to” field (UNITE Youth Flocknote group), “subject” field, as well as the main body of the email where you can add different elements (e.g. images, file attachments, video, etc.)

Flocknote’s email dialog box (click to enlarge)

3. To send the email, click on the green “preview” button. This is a two-step feature which prevents emails from being sent accidentally while still editing. It also gives you a preview of what your email will look like. If everything looks good to go, click “send”!

Preview screen. If you’re ready to send, click the green “send” button.

3. You’re done!

After sending, it will appear as one of the notes in your group. Click on the note to check any comments.

If you have any further questions, contact Ryan, our Communications Coordinator, using the form below:

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