St. Michael’s uses Flocknote to communicate announcements, news, and other important information to parishioners and volunteers.

I want to receive parish updates

If you are a parishioner and would like to receive our weekend e-newsletter and other important parish updates via email or text, you can sign up through one of the following:

  1. Text “SMCYYC” to 514-900-0130
  2. Go online and visit flocknote.com/SMCYYC

Sign up

*Note: after signing up, you will receive a verification email from Flocknote. Be sure to verify your email — if you don’t, you may not receive our emails.

I lead a ministry

If you lead a ministry and would like to use (or are currently using) Flocknote to communicate with volunteers, check out the section “Flocknote for ministry leaders” below.

I am a volunteer

If you volunteer with one of our ministries and would like to receive ministry-specific updates, scroll down to the section “Flocknote for volunteers’

For Ministry Leaders

Why use Flocknote?

Using Flocknote to communicate with your ministry is no more different than using your own personal email client when sending an email. For example: just as you would login at gmail.com in order to send or check your personal emails, using Flocknote simply means logging in to flocknote.com and sending emails from there.

So if it’s just the same, what’s the difference?

It’s a matter of security and practicality. Here are a few scenarios that could be avoided if you use Flocknote:

  1. Email limitations: most email clients cap the number of email recipients at 100. If you have a large ministry, you would have to send multiple emails to two groups or more.
  2. Comments vs. replies: Have you ever sent an email to a large group and received too many replies? How about people not replying to the latest email in the thread, missing attachments, etc.?

With Flocknote, you are sending one email to your whole group, and they are able to leave comments on that *one* email, making things simpler.

3. Spam emails and malware: if one of your members has an email account infected by malware, you could be putting all of your recipients at risk. This is more common than many people think.

4. BONUS – design beautiful emails: with Flocknote, you can design beautiful newsletter-type emails with images, videos, polls, events with RSVP function, and more.

I want to use flocknote. How do I get started?

To start using Flocknote, click the button below to go to  Flocknote guide for group admins page.

Flocknote for group admins

For Volunteers

If you volunteer with one of our ministries and would like to use Flocknote to receive ministry-specific updates, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up on Flocknote at www.flocknote.com/SMCYYC
  2. After filling in your contact details, you will be asked which groups you want to be a part of — select the ministries that you want to receive updates from.
  3. You’re done! You will now be receiving email updates from the groups you selected.

To learn more about sending emails as a volunteer, click the button below:

Flocknote for volunteers


  • After signing up, you will receive a verification email — be sure to verify your email. Otherwise, you may not receive any Flocknote emails at all.
  • If you don’t see your ministry among the list of ministries on Flocknote, it may be that the group is set to “hidden” or private, or your ministry leader isn’t using Flocknote yet. Either way, speak with your group admin or ministry leader.

A note for Flocknote subscribers with Shaw email accounts

There is a known issue about Flocknote emails not being successfully delivered to users with a @shaw.ca email.

Although our emails do not bounce and are successfully sent out from the Flocknote platform, some Shaw users report that they don’t see our emails in their inbox or spam/junk folder.

This issue is not unique to St. Michael’s — several parishes in Calgary that use Flocknote are also experiencing the same problem with Shaw users.

This is a Shaw issue. If you have a @shaw.ca account and not receiving our Flocknote emails, here are some steps you can take:

  1. You will receive a confirmation email after signing up on Flocknote — be sure to click the link in this email and verify your email address.
  2. Add “mail@flocknote.com” to your contacts/address book
  3. Create a Shaw filter to ensure that incoming emails from mail@flocknote.com are delivered to your inbox
  4. As an alternative, you can use a different email account (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) other than your Shaw email when sigining up.

If you need further assistance, email Ryan at rfactura@saintmichael.ca.

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