Parish Lenten Mission with Chris Bray

Posted 2020-02-28 by St. Michael's Communications

If you missed the parish Lenten mission, you can watch the video from all three evenings below.

Sunday, February 23God’s radical love for us, the Gospel, and mercy

We will talk about the Gospel message in a simple and relatable way for people to understand just how deep, magnificent, and radical God’s love is for us. So often, we want to fashion our own gods out of the things we think will give us joy, whether that is our careers, possessions, successes, etc. — but true joy, purpose, and fulfillment can only be found in God and his plan for our lives.

Monday, February 24God’s gift of the Holy Spirit radically changes us

On the second night, we go back to our power source — what ignites us and sets us in motion is a continual surrender to the Holy Spirit. It’s the Holy Spirit that casts out our fear, gives us the words to say, and empowers us in the Christian life. This is a powerful evening as we aren’t just spectators, but are all invited to open our hearts and pray together and for one another.

Tuesday, February 25God’s commissioning for us to radically love others to change the world

On the third and final night, we remember our call and commissioning to share the Gospel with the world. When we stand up for truth and share the gospel by living in virtue, striving for holiness, and serving others, we radically love people by walking with them. The saints show us time and again that the way we change the world isn’t by being like everyone else, but by standing out: surrendering to the moments and opportunities God places before us.



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