A Sacrament of Initiation

Baptism: new life in Christ

“Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved.” Mark 16:16

Baptism Preparation and Celebration Details


Baptism is the exciting first step into the family of God. Please read this page thoroughly, as you will find all the necessary information you will need for Baptism and Baptism Preparation.


The first step in the process of Baptism preparation is to download and print off a Baptism Registration Form. Please fill it out to the best of your abilities.


After you complete the form, please contact the Sacrament Coordinator, Francesca Ambrosino, at sacramentprep@saintmichael.ca to book an appointment. Here, you will have the chance to discuss questions, complete the registration process, sign up for the preparation course, and choose the Baptism day. In your email, please attach:

  1. a) Your completed registration form.
    b) A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate.You can take the course without it (ex. you have ordered it and it has not arrived yet, or you have not given birth yet), however the birth certificate must be submitted before the Baptism.
    c) If you have already chosen godparents, you will also need to attach a copy of each godparent’s Confirmation certificate(s)You must submit a copy of their Confirmation certificate or an annotated Baptism certificate with a Confirmation notation. Please read the “Godparents” section below for more information.


After you have had your meeting with the Sacrament Coordinator, you will be signed up for the Baptism preparation course. These are held once per month on a Saturday from 9:00am-12:00pm. Dates will be discussed during the meeting.


While some families may like to choose the Baptism day during the initial meeting, you are also welcome to choose it after you have completed the course. Baptism typically take place on the weekends, though we can be flexible to your family’s needs.

When considering your Godparents for your child, please note the following :

  • A child may have only one or two Godparents at Baptism. If you choose to have two Godparents, one must be a Godfather and one must be a Godmother.
  • The Godparent(s) must be fully initiated, practicing Catholics, having received the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  • The Godparent(s) must be above 16 years of age.
  • Your Godparent(s) must be registered members in a Catholic parish.
  • If married, your Godparent(s) must be married in the Catholic Church or in another Church, with permission and a dispensation.
  • A non-Catholic but Christian Godparent is called a Witness. The name for this Godparent goes under the Witness line on the registration form. This person accompanies the confirmed Catholic Godparent in the faith journey of your child. Please indicate on the registration form which faith/church in which the Witness was baptized. You will need to submit a Baptism certificate for the Christian Witness.
  • The Godparent(s) should be models of your faith, attend Mass, and receive the Sacraments of the Church.
  • Godparents do not need to be a married couple. you can choose two single people.
  • If you have chosen Godparents who cannot travel to attend the actual Baptism Celebration, you may have a proxy stand in for him/her on your child’s special day.

Once you have chosen Godparent(s), please forward this article to them.


Please note: this program is designed for parents with infants and small children. If you have an older child or teenager interested in Baptism, please contact Francesca directly at sacramentprep@saintmichael.ca.

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