Bulletin: 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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What you need to know from this weekend’s bulletin:


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To Follow or Not to Follow

June 26, 2022

At Ordination, the ordaining bishop hands the Book of the Gospels with the solemn mandate: “Believe what you read, proclaim what you believe and practice what you preach!” 
This Sunday’s readings relate to our Christian faith which is all about proclaiming and practicing what we believe about God and its implications in our lives.
Believing, proclaiming and practicing is discipleship. As for the apostles, they all witnessed their faith in Christ by the power of their own life and death. Their blood and those of the early martyrs have become the source of strength of the generations of Christian believers who continue to proclaim and witness to the faith. 
The practice or proclamation of our faith involves a certain conviction or faith that inspires or empowers the process. There is a certain attractiveness in a message that is powered by an example of a life that can be imitated.  
Christian discipleship is about following the will of God in our lives. It is living the faith which the Lord has gifted us with. It is not merely believing what we hear or read in Scriptures. It is not merely preaching or teaching what we believe and understand in our faith. It is putting into practice what we believe.  
To approach Christ with our head is scholarship. To approach him with our heart as well as with our head is discipleship. Receiving the sacraments after some reasonable preparation through a series of meetings makes a world of difference from receiving them without any process of preparation. Receiving the sacraments or being “sacramentalized” has to involve a personal relationship with our personal God.
Our coming to worship is about encountering God in the Eucharist and in the Word in the context of our daily life. We all come from different origins and orientations to offer the totality of our experiences in one common sacrifice of praise.  We come together to celebrate our unity in diversity.
Sanctity is the other word for discipleship. It is made to size for each one of us. We are called to follow the will of God in our own respective lives. We are called to become saints in our own respective state of affairs.  
Healing Lines
The National Indigenous Peoples’ Day this month (June 21) celebrates many years of strong vibrant cultures and traditions. Canadians recognize and celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples. The Canadian Constitution recognizes these three groups as Aboriginal peoples, also known as Indigenous Peoples. Let us honor and welcome our Indigenous brothers and sisters as part of our communities and parishes and their spiritual gifts that they bring to enrich us.




Knights of Columbus (K of C)
Sunday, June 26
The K of C is hosting a meet and greet and serving coffee and cookies after the 5 p.m. Sunday Mass this weekend. All are invited.

Canada Day

Friday, July 1
Please note, Mass will be celebrated on Friday, July 1 but Holy Hour will be cancelled. The Parish Office will be closed and will re-open on Tuesday, July 5 at 9:30 a.m.


July 12 to 15 at St. Luke’s Parish
Ignite is a week-long Catholic summer camp for teens (going into grade 9 through graduating grade 12) who desire to grow in holiness! This jam-packed week is filled with excellent talks, amazing people, epic large group activities, daily Mass, Adoration, praise and worship, and much more! Youth will grow in their relationship with God and be empowered to go forward while striving to be a modern-day saint and a light to the world!  Ignite AB 2022 will be hosted at St. Luke’s Parish from July 12-15. Register at www.f2f.ca/ignite.
For further camps, promotional video and info, please contact  www.f2f.ca/ignite.

K of C Stampede Breakfast
Sunday, July 17 after 9 a.m. & 11 a.m. Masses
All are invited to the Knights of Columbus Stampede breakfast with pancakes, sausages and coffee on Sunday, July 17 after the 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Masses. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Marvin Matthews at mmatthews@saintmichael.ca. Free will offering accepted.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Special thanks to all St. Michael parishioners for supporting the Society of St. Vincent de Paul!  During the month of May we helped 25 families (34 adults and 35 children).  If you or anyone you know needs assistance, please contact us at SSVP@saintmichael.ca or 403-249-0423 ext 122.
We are looking for new members. If you are interested, contact us at SSVP@saintmichael.ca or 403-249-0423 ext 122.
Donations of non-perishable food items can be dropped off in the SSVP food chest in the gathering area. Currently we are looking for: cereal, pasta sauce, canned vegetables and canned fish/meat.
Monetary donations can be deposited in the drop-box in the food chest or by online donations through the St. Michaels Parish website https://saintmichael.ca/giving/. Please indicate funds are for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in the drop-down menu.

Friday Mass and Adoration

Please note, Friday Daily Mass and Adoration for the month of July and August will be held in the Day Chapel.

Mass Schedule for this Weekend
Saturday, June 25, 5 p.m. Mass:  Fr. Raul Hernandez
Sunday, June 26, 9 a.m. Mass:  Fr. Raul Hernandez
Sunday, June 26, 11 a.m. & 5 p.m. Mass:  Fr. Edmund Vargas



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