Bulletin: 1st Sunday of Lent

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What you need to know from this weekend’s bulletin:


A Gospel Reflection

February 18, 2024

The first Sunday of Lent traditionally has the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. We get Mark’s version this year which is just very short. I do want to highlight one thing. It says that immediately after Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit led Him into the wilderness to be tempted. What I want to recall is what happened at the Baptism. The heavens opened and voice of God the Father declared, “You are My beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” I am thinking that Jesus had these words echoing in His mind and His heart as He faced these 40 days of trial. You are My beloved son, in whom I am well pleased. That is a really good thing to remember as we journey through lent. Just keep reminding yourself that you are a son of God or a daughter of God. That God loves you. That He is pleased with how He created you. It matters because during lent we think about our sin. That is good. We need to think about that to make improvements to our lives. You are a sinner. I am a sinner. Sin penetrates deep into our hearts. Still, it is not the deepest truth about you. The deepest truth about you is that you are a child of God, you were created by God, you are loved by God. He loves you so much He would rather die than live without you. We must not lose track of that as we try and deal with our sin. 
The first and second readings both talk about the story of Noah and the ark. So, what does it have to do with lent? One factor is the time period of 40 days and 40 nights. It is one of several places in the Old Testament that comes up.  Looking closer at the story we see the seriousness of sin. That our wickedness is so great that God’s most reasonable reaction is just to wipe humanity off the face of the earth. It talks about every desire of the human heart being evil. He chooses to save Noah and his family. That is called grace. It means God welcomes us even though we do not deserve it. Yet God does not just zap Noah and make him holy. He tells Noah to build an ark. That is a lot of work. Then He puts Noah and his family in the ark with a boatload of animals. It rains for 40 days and 40 nights. There is a big flood. Noah and his family are saved, but it is no picnic. That ark gets smellier every day and it takes a long time for the water levels to drop. 
Grace does not mean God does everything and we do nothing. We need to cooperate with grace every step of the way. That is often a struggle which is what Lent is all about. Noah struggled through a hard time, but that struggle did not last forever. It led to a new beginning. His effort working with God blessed not only him, but his family, and the whole world. It was the difference between life and death. That is what we are called to. To be people who listen to God in a society that is ignoring God. That is going to be hard. Yet, we know Easter is coming. We know our sacrifice will lead to new life for ourselves, for our families and for the world.



Healing Lines

Just as Jesus was tempted by the devil, we are often tempted to stray from His path. Sometimes it seems easier to not reach out to those who are being abused or bullied. We tell ourselves that others will help or that we shouldn’t interfere with someone else’s family. Other times we are tempted to become aggressive or abusive when we deal with family members. We feel we are justified in responding this way to them. We always need to work to resist the temptations that will lead us away from Jesus.

Lenten Insights
Less is more. Less talk, more acts of kindness. When we give the Sign of Peace at Mass (before Holy Communion), we share the gesture or sign of peace in silence, not with words or verbal greetings of peace. Less food and drink, more fasting. Fasting creates an emptiness or vacancy for God in our lives which can all be about ourselves. Selfishness makes us sinful and veers us away from God’s power and presence. Communal prayer and obedience is more difficult than personal piety and devotion. Starting this Lenten season, the Morning Prayer will be recited as a community every Sunday at 8:30am, before the 9am Mass. Singing as a congregation is the ideal way of doing music at Mass, not leaving the choir to do the music for us. Alleluia is not recited or sung during the Lenten season in anticipation/preparation for the Alleluia Sunday (Easter Sunday). It is also not recited or acclaimed at Dismissal, unless provided by the rubrics during the Easter season. Outside the Easter season, alleluia is proclaimed during the Gospel Acclamation. Communal unity is more important than individual effort or action. Whatever we do can appear to be very important for us, but all should work towards unity. As we embark our Pastoral Renewal as a parish, let us reflect more about what we can do or share with the community, rather than what the community or parish can do for us. We do ministry, that is, all efforts are done on behalf and for God and His people, and not for us or for our own preferred or personal goals. “Whenever applause breaks out in the liturgy because of some human achievement, it is a sure sign that the essence of the liturgy has totally disappeared and been replaced by a kind of religious entertainment.” (Pope Benedict XVI) “At Calvary, there were also those who applauded Christ’s death: the soldiers and the demons.” (Padre Pio) Liturgy is never about individual or group performance, but about God’s action through us.
Mass Schedule for this Weekend
Saturday, February 17 at 5pm:  Fr. Kevin Chukwurah with Dec. Randy Gritter
Sunday, February 18 at 8:30am:  Morning Prayer with Fr. Jose Bustalino
Sunday, February 18 at 9am:  Fr. Jose Bustalino with Dec. Randy Gritter
Sunday, February 18 at 11am:  Fr. Kevin Chukwurah with Dec. Randy Gritter
Sunday, February 18 at 5pm:  Fr. Jose Bustalino with Dec. Randy Gritter





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February 2024:

February 18 | Cancelled:  Children’s Liturgy of the Word 

February 19 | Cancelled:  Bible Study Lectio Eucharist 

February 21 | Sacrament for Teens Session 3 | Library | 7:00-8:30pm

February 22 | IWIN Movie “Sound of Freedom” | Sanctuary | 6:30pm

February 23 | Lenten Friday | Masses 9:00am & 6:00pm

February 23 | Stations of the Cross | Sanctuary | 6:30pm

February 23 | Fish Friday | Narthex | 7:00pm

February 25 | Altar Server Training | Sanctuary | 12:00pm

February 27 | PPC Meeting | St. Michael’s Room | 7:00pm

February 27 | SSVP Monthly Meeting | St. Gabriel Room 145 | 7:00pm

February 28 | Community Celebration: Restoring Our Hope and Peace | Sanctuary | 7:00pm



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