Bulletin: 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

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What you need to know from this weekend’s bulletin:

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Workplace Spirituality

This Labor Day weekend is an opportunity for us to reflect on the Christian meaning of work. The Labor Day celebration has its origins in the history of the workers’
movements of the nineteenth century.  Throughout our recent history, workers’ groups have demanded greater value for their contribution to society, motivated by the need to establish human dignity in the workplace.  Work is rooted in the value each human person permanently has in the eyes of God.

Created in God’s image and likeness, each human person is a spiritual being.  His or her work is an expression of the spiritual nature in each one of us.

Every human effort can be made holy. We can draw strength from God’s grace. Our work is an essential part of our Christian life.  Quality work requires the integration of the Christian virtues of justice, prudence, patience, love and truthfulness.  A deep connection exists between daily dialogue with God and our routine in the workplace.  We don’t strive for holiness in spite of the work we do. It is in work that we are challenged to grow in holiness.  It is through work that we build God’s kingdom in this world.  Our work shows forth the presence of God in our life.   We should work in a way that reflects the attitude and the mind of Christ as expressed in the gospels. So long as we seek a closer relationship with God through our work, our problems and challenges we encounter in the workplace will strengthen our faith which enhances our work.  By endeavoring to make our work a force for good, our work take on a new meaning that is fruitful for us and the entire created world. 

Human work is an actualization God’s image in us, transforming our human efforts as an encounter with God, a way of faithfully living out our Christian vocation.  Work should sanctify us, not destroy us.  As the Holy Father exhorts: “Let the Christian who listens to the word of the living God, uniting work with prayer, know the place of his work not only in earthly progress but in the development of the Kingdom of God, to which we are all called through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

(Laborem Exercens, 28) 

As we celebrate labor month, we also have to consider the plight of workers around the world facing economic exploitation and sexual harassment.  In export zones, retail or service industry where the majority of workers are women, sexual harassment creates fear-filled environments.  Domestic workers such as maids, nannies and home healthcare workers are often excluded from national labor standards.  Workers are not often aware that something can be done to end repeated abuses they face in the workplace.  

In Christ,

Fr. Edmund Vargas

No Mass on Statutory Holiday

Gentle reminder that there will be no Mass on September 6, 2021 (Labor Day).

Mass Schedule for this Weekend

Saturday, September 4th  5:00 PM—Fr. Edmund Vargas
Sunday, September 5th 9:00 AM—Fr. Edmund Vargas
Sunday, September 5th 11: 00 AM & 5:00 PM—Fr. Raul Hernandez

Parish Office Closed

To accommodate our priests during this transition time, staring on August 2nd, all Monday Masses at 9:00 AM will  be Please note that the parish office will be closed on Monday, September 6, for Labour Day. Mass will not be celebrated on Monday due to the statutory holiday.



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