Bulletin: 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Who is my Christ?

September 12, 2021

“Who do you say that I am?” This is the  classic question Christ poses to His disciples in the gospel today.

What we learn about Christ in our reading of the Bible, studying Scriptures or listening to homilies like this is important. In the context of today’s gospel, it is what people say about Jesus Christ. In Mark’s gospel, Christ is seen primarily as the Messiah, while Matthew is preoccupied with the coming of God’s kingdom. Luke sees a compassionate Christ who seeks out the sick and poor. John is far more theological than the other three evangelists. The biographies of Jesus Christ are not as complete or detailed as Mother Teresa’s,  considering the fact that the New Testament scriptures are what remained of what the early believers collected together for the needs of their own communities.

Indeed, the Gospels are testimonies of faith, rather than historical accounts. Christ can only be learned by way of the faith of the first Christians. Our encounter with Jesus Christ can only happen through the gift of faith. Such a gift of faith is not a head thing, not a concept or idea. Christ is a person with Whom we relate. What we share about Him is an expression of our living experience. Faith is shared by the faith of another believer. Our faith in Him is something that is beyond our own understanding or knowledge. It is something we have to actually experience. Faith grows through our own personal dialogue with the real person of Christ.

Faith, for that matter, is not something that can be confined to a bible workshop or contained in a homily or a creed. The body of knowledge about faith can be referred to as religion. A course in Christology course is not a guarantee for the acquisition of faith. The course can deepen our faith, if we have already received it by actual experience.

Faith s a movement from the Divine that is captured by our human soul. It is like lightning that strikes us in our innermost being. When Peter answers Christ:  “You are the Messiah!”, the first pope personally recognizes the vitality of a faith that is bound to transform his life and the life of the Church he has to shepherd. As we gather as a faith community, we all have to assess this gift of faith from the Father. Let us consider how we can render a matured response to this faith…

In Christ,
Fr. Edmund Vargas

Mass Intentions

We are no longer accepting any Mass bookings until December 15th as we are fully booked until December 31st.

Mass Schedule for this Weekend

Saturday, September 11th  5:00 PM—Fr. Raul Hernandez
Sunday, September 5th 9:00 AM—Fr. Raul Hernandez
Sunday, September 5th 11: 00 AM & 5:00 PM—Fr. Edmund Vargas

Mass in October 

Effective October 4th there will be no Mass celebrated on Mondays and the parish office will be closed.



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