Bulletin: 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Posted 2020-10-15 by St. Michael's Communications

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What you need to know from this weekend’s bulletin:

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Virtual Catholic Apologetics ConferenceNew

In a world of increasing challenges to the faith, we need to know why we believe what we believe. Join the Virtual Catholic Apologetics Conference on October 23-25. Get the answers, official teaching, how we fight modern heresy, why we need to hold fast to doctrine today from top apologists such as Dr. Scott Hahn, Chris Stefanick, Stephanie Gray Connors, Dr. Peter Kreeft, Jimmy Akin and many others! You will learn how to respond on tough issues on faith so you can be confident when entering challenging conversations on hot-button topics. There will be free access throughout the conference weekend. To register, visit virtualcatholicconference.com/pwa2020.


Let’s commend the souls of our departed loved ones to the mercy of God: on All Souls Day, we will have Mass at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. We encourage parishioners to extend this invitation to family and friends, especially those in our parish community who have lost a loved one or have family members interred in our Columbarium. To attend Mass and submit names for our Book of Remembrance, visit saintmichael.ca/Mass.

We will also offer the All Souls’ Novena beginning Saturday, October 24, and culminating with Mass on November 2. Click here to download the novena prayer guide.

Catholic Moms SummitNew

If you are struggling to find joy within the vocation of motherhood, this Summit is here to help you. Join the online Catholic Moms Summit, November 13-15: dynamic presenters will be sharing inspiration, wisdom, and encouragement from a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds. This event is also a great opportunity for you to connect with other moms just like you from around the world. Register at cardinalstudios.org/moms-summit-home.


Is your family a new immigrant to Canada? Do you have children who speak limited English? Julianne de Siqueira, a St. Michael’s parishioner and researcher from UofC, is looking for children ages 6-10 who have recently arrived in Canada and speak a first language other than English. This research will provide free weekly music/piano lessons for two months at a music studio in NW Calgary, taught by a music instructor with a PhD in Education. Participation will be anonymous and a maximum of eight students will qualify. For more info or to sign up, please email julianne.desiqueira@ucalgary.ca. (This research has been approved by the UofC Ethics Board).

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