Bulletin: 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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What you need to know from this weekend’s bulletin:


Christ Heals Through Us

February 11, 2024

In many healing episodes, Jesus would forgive the sins of the sick before healing his or her sickness. He would tackle our spiritual state by His forgiveness of sins and then deal with our physical state. In a way, many of our small, or even bigger health issues, result from the malfunctions of our soul. Why not deal with the root cause of our problems. Why not turn to God in honest repentance. That may be the beginning of a wide range of healings.
We have to be careful though not to equate illness with sinfulness, as the ancient Israelites used to do, considering illness as a punishment from God for some wrongdoing. Some of the greatest saints have endured agonizing illnesses during their lives whereas some of the worst sinners have enjoyed perfect health during their lives. We can always ask ourselves if our spiritual state has something to do with our medical ailments.
When Jesus tells the leper to show himself to the priest and make an offering for the cleansing as Moses prescribed, He was actually telling him to straighten his relationship with God, that is, to take care of his spiritual state as well. What we should pray and hope for is the spiritual healing of our sicknesses. And such spiritual healing is not necessarily manifested by the physical cure of our medical problems. Spiritual healing transcends physical suffering.  Spiritual healing touches the soul.  It brings about inner peace. It makes us accept the redemptive benefits of physical infirmities.
When we begin to see our own suffering in the light of Christ’ life, we acquire a personal closeness to the Source of all healing. Sickness can be a way of making us get closer to our Redeemer. It makes us closer to one another. It is an opportunity of making families and communities grow in the bond of love and friendship. The ministry of Jesus to the sick is central to the life of the Church. Our weekend celebration of the World Day of the Sick highlights the healing ministry of the Church. It reminds us that service to the sick and the suffering cannot be neglected. It recognizes the great efforts of doctors, nurses, health care institutions, and pastoral care givers to restore health to those affected with illness and disease.
As we reflect on the Cure of the Leper, let us reflect on our own need for God’s healing. Let us consider and accept our own spiritual woundedness. Let us ask our Lord to transform us into wounded healers who can bring spiritual healing into our families and communities.



Healing Lines

Issues of violence against women in the media involve both a denial of equal access and the perpetuation of narrow gender stereotypes that portray women as sexual objects in order to sell products. Women are also sent messages by the media that their self-worth is tied to being in a relationship. Media fails to portray the reality of women’s daily life and doesn’t educate people about the extraordinary contributions women make and their vast potential as human beings. This limits women’s overall development and healthy visions of being. In our fight to eliminate abuse, let’s assist to help change damaging portrayals of women that sanction violence towards them.

Mass Schedule for this Weekend

Saturday, February 10 at 5pm:  Fr. Edmund Vargas

Sunday, February 11 at 9am:  Fr. Kevin Chukwurah

Sunday, February 11 at 11am:  Fr. Edmund Vargas

Sunday, February 11 at 5pm:  Fr. Kevin Chukwurah





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