Bulletin: Most Holy Trinity Sunday

Posted 2021-05-28 by @saintmichaelyyc

What you need to know from this weekend’s bulletin:

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St. Joseph Statue Restoration Project – A message from Lynda Bautista New

St. Joseph originated in our parish Our Lady of Hope in the Philippines. This statue of St. Joseph has been around for about 100 years. He is made of a solid wood.
St. Joseph was given to my mother by the church. When my mother emigrated to the United States, she couldn’t part with St. Joseph so she had him shipped from Manila to the USA. When my mother passed away, I took St. Joseph  from my brother’s place and brought him to Calgary.

From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank Fr. Poul who was willing to accept St. Joseph to be permanently placed at St. Michael’s church. My  appreciation to
Fr. Pilmaiken Lezano who was waiting and greeting St. Joseph for the first time before the ‘makeover’ began. My very special thanks to Pat Burchnall and her family, Lorna Bridarolli, Denise Bottomley. Many thanks to Suzy, Ryan and Freddy who were joined-forces in transporting St. Joseph to the church.

For all of you who worked tirelessly restoring St. Joseph, I would like to extend my highest gratitude to every single one of you. You have made St. Joseph
transformation so beautiful. I am sure he will continue to be a blessing for St. Michael as he was for me, to be a patron guiding all the families in St. Michael, the protector for each and everyone of us.

St. Michael has been ‘home’ for many of us, our solid community should forever be an inspiration for those who seek refuge in our Lord.

God bless everyone at St. Michael.

Corpus Christi New

There will be procession of Blessed Sacrament on Corpus Christ Sunday, June 6th  after 11:00 AM mass by Fr. Raul.
Fr. Raul will take the monstrance out and walk around church building. The procession will end at the main entrance where he would bless everyone at the parking lot. For any of you who can’t register for mass on that weekend, please drop by our church to receive the blessing. Since the restriction has not fully lifted up, kindly take note to remain in your car and not to gather outside the church.

41st Annual Hike for Life

Please join Fr. Poul and Fr. Raul as they support the Calgary Pro-Life Association’s ‘virtual’ 10K Hike for Life.  You can join the St. Michael’s Team, start collecting pledges and hike on your own or safely with your family in your own neighbourhood or you can make a donation to Fr. Poul, Fr. Raul or any other team member from now until June 5, 2021.  All donations go directly to Pro-Life. All funds raised will go to support the Respect for Life Program which is presented to thousands of students in Grades 4-9 via zoom. For more information or to donate, click on the link to the St. Michael Catholic Community team:  St. Michael Hike for Life 2021
Fr. Poul and Fr. Raul are happy to walk along with any parishioners ~ what better way to get to know our new Priests!  Please contact them directly via email addresses: frpoul@stmichael.ca or frraul@stmichael.ca if you wish to arrange a time to join them in their walk. 

If anyone brings in pledges, please call Calgary Pro-Live Association at 403.243.0691 Pledge sheet is here.



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