Bulletin: Third Sunday of Easter, Divine Mercy

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What you need to know from this weekend’s bulletin:


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Keep Working on Love

May 1, 2022

A key character in Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull is Jonathan’s teacher, Chiang. When the day comes for Chiang to say goodbye to his young student, Jonathan knows it is a special moment. He wonders what parting advice his old teacher will give him. Chiang utters it in just five words: “Jonathan, keep working on love.” It is this same parting advice that Jesus gave to his own disciples: “Keep working on love…” 
Indeed, Christ’s example of love and sacrifice invites us to love beyond ourselves. It is this kind of selfless and unconditional love which Christ has shown us that conquers sin and even death itself. With this kind of love, death is transformed from the taking away of life into a voluntary return of the gift of life to the Giver of life.  
Love reaches the eternal level when it goes beyond ourselves, when we are able to love others more than ourselves. It is this kind of love that makes our human relationships last, transforming them to eternity. This kind of love outlives death, defeating death’s power over us. Unconditional and selfless love is the real measure of Christian life. His kind of love is the reason for the resurrection.
Our love for one another has to be filled with the love that inspires the Eucharist, the living memorial of Christ’s love for us. This re-enactment of Christ’s sacrifice in Calvary, which is the ultimate expression of His self-giving, inspires and powers us to love as He does. The love Christ has left as a legacy is the greatest of God’ gifts. When we learn to love as Christ loves, we learn to believe and hope without seeing. St. Augustine declares in one of his writings: “He (Christ) disappeared before our eyes, that we might find Him in our hearts.” 
During this Easter season, let us continue to discover the love that Christ has placed in our hearts. This is the season for our hearts to memorize the example of Christ’s love.


Healing Lines

A reflection on healing and reconciliation from Fr. Edmund

Women may not want to leave their abusive partners because they care for them, hoping that the relationship can be salvaged if they just hang in there a bit longer. Women want to spare their partners the embarrassment of being an abuser and worry about damage to their career or reputation. They don’t want them to be arrested or jailed or get a criminal record. They make excuses for them, even citing the sanctity of the marriage and the mandate to forgive people who hurt them. How can we “feed, tend and show love” for these women as Christ asks us to?




Blessing of Anniversary Couples 

There will be a special blessing for couples who have celebrated a wedding anniversary this weekend of April 30/ May 1. Let us celebrate the sacrament of Marriage as an essential component of our life as a Christian community. 


Altar Servers

Are you interested in becoming more involved in St. Michael’s Catholic Community and part of the Altar Servers Ministry?
We are currently looking for volunteers to join our group and help with the training and scheduling of severs. With your participation, we will ensure our servers are active participants in the Holy Mass, having the privilege of assisting the priest in the sanctuary during the Mass and other liturgical functions. 

If you are a registered, practicing member of the parish, please consider this opportunity and contact Marvin at mmatthews@saintmichael.ca for more further details.


St. Michael Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council members, based on nominations by parishioners and appointment by the Pastor, are as follows:

Augusto Bitter, Gerard Brand, Bob Choquette, Sheila Gaela, Lory Iovinelli, Teresa Klassen, Michael McGee (Finance), Nidia McIntosh, Tom Novecosky, Brian Popp,  Kris Renger, Peggy Tan, Margaret Tapuska, Adam Valdez and Pam Van de Mosselaer.

“In every parish of the diocese, a Pastoral Council shall be established…  The Pastoral Council assists in promoting pastoral action in the parish.” (Canon 536 #1). By Canon Law,  unlike the Finance Council,  ceases at the end of the term of a pastor and the new pastor re-establishes a new one. Based on nominations by parishioners and by appointment by the Pastor, the members will serve for a two-year term, renewable once. The new council will hold a Meet & Greet on Tuesday, June 28 at 7 p.m. The council will then meet on Tuesday, September 27 at 7 p.m. and every fourth Tuesday of the month, except July and August. It a consultative body, pastoral in nature, because it strives to discern the movement of the Holy Spirit among God’s people in the community. Although the Council is not a body which makes binding decisions, the recommendations of the Pastoral Council are to be taken seriously when grounded in prayer, discernment and communal wisdom.


Columbarium Access

We have now completed programing the access cards for the Columbarium. Please note, you will only receive a card if the niche is currently being occupied as per the contract agreement. The cards are available for pick-up at the office. We thank you for your understanding and patience during this process.


St. Michael Choir

The Choirs for the Saturday 5 p.m., Sunday 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Masses are reconvened. Those interested may indicate their intent by contacting Marvin Matthews at mmatthews@saintmichael.ca.


Coffee Reception

Beginning in May, we will hold a coffee reception after the weekend Masses: Saturday, May 7, after the 5 p.m. Mass (1st weekend), Sunday, May 15, after the 9 a.m. Mass (2nd weekend), Sunday, May 22, after the 11 a.m. Mass (3rd weekend) and Sunday, May 29, after the 5 p.m. Mass (4th weekend). If you are interested in volunteering for the coffee receptions, please contact Marvin Matthews at mmatthews@saintmichael.ca.


Society of St. Vincent de Paul 

Special thanks to all St. Michael parishioners for supporting the Society of St. Vincent de Paul!  During the month of March we helped 39 families (58 adults and 32 children). If you or anyone you know needs assistance, please contact us at SSVP@saintmichael.ca or 403-249-0423 ext 122.

We are looking for new members. If you are interested, contact us at SSVP@saintmichael.ca or 403-249-0423 ext 122. 

Donations of non-perishable food items can be dropped off in the SSVP food chest in the gathering area. Currently we are looking for: cereal, pasta sauce, canned vegetables and canned fish/meat.

Monetary donations can be deposited in the drop-box in the food chest or by online donations through the St. Michaels Parish website https://saintmichael.ca/giving/. Please indicate funds are for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in the drop-down menu.



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