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What you need to know from this weekend’s bulletin:

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What Really Matters?

December 25, 2021

Today we celebrate an event with far more impact on the history of humanity than any scientific discovery or technical invention or artistic achievement. By any reckoning, God-becoming-human is such an impossible event that only God can make possible. The farthest the human imagination has ever gone in that direction was to surmise, as in the case of Greek mythology, that the gods could occasionally come down from their Olympus and hold a conversation with a human or manifest themselves in some other way. Today’s celebration is something of a completely different order. Here we are speaking of God, not the gods, but the only true God, the Infinite, the All-powerful, embracing our human nature in the form of a powerless baby.  
Yet this event passed practically unnoticed. Only Mary and Joseph witnessed it. It happened in a damp and dirty cave which served as refuge for animals. The Child was placed in a manger where animals took their food. The Savior came into our world in circumstances we would consider foul and uncomfortable. Later, a handful of shepherds were informed by angels and came to pay homage to Jesus. 
Why did God so arrange things that His Son should come to us in such anonymity, obscurity and poverty? Perhaps, God wanted His son to identify with the homeless and destitute who pass their nights in shelters, under bridges or sidewalks. Perhaps, He wanted to warn us that material comfort and prosperity should not be our chief goal in life and that there are other things which really matter.  
Looking at Jesus asleep in a manger, let us ask ourselves today and all the days of our lives: what should really matter in our lives? Christmas is God’s answer to that question. It is an answer in flesh and blood, and it is called Emmanuel, God-is-with-us. To be with God is ultimately the only thing that matters. For He is our peace, our joy, our everything.



Be Home for Christmas
Christmas is about coming home. It is about family. It is about relationships.  As we behold the day of Christmas, we ponder on the homelessness of the new-born Jesus…
And homelessness can take a deeper significance in our lives. Homelessness is a breakdown of personal relationships at home. Homelessness is the prevalence of domestic violence. Homelessness is the absence of trust and love.
Home is when we are reconciled with God. Home is when the poverty of our world becomes our own. Home is where the holiness of the new-born Child redeems the sinfulness of our lifestyles. 
May our celebration of Christmas be our homecoming to God who is with us in Christ. May our New Year be filled with faith and hope in the Saviour who assumed the homelessness of our humanity to share with us the eternal home of our Father.  




Bible Study

Please join us for Bible Study via Zoom Mondays at 7pm, beginning January 10, 2022. The first study of the winter/spring season will be a 6 session video study on The Creed with Bishop Robert Barron. Click here to register. For more info please contact abitter@telus.net


CWL Fundraiser Save the Date

“Fish for Fridays” Lent Fundraiser, will be on-line ordering January 11 to February 7. Orders to be picked up at the church on Wednesday, February 23, just in time for Ash Wednesday on March 2. 


Text to Donate New Number

Our text to donate number has been updated to (833) 768-0514. Please save this number if you donate using this method.


Society of St. Vincent de Paul 

Special thanks to all St. Michael parishioners for supporting the Society of St. Vincent de Paul!  During the month of November we helped 18 families (25 adults and 9 children). We continue preparing for this year’s Christmas Hamper distribution.  

We are looking for new members. If you are interested, contact us at SSVP@saintmichael.ca or 403-249-0423 ext 122. 

Donations of non-perishable food items can be dropped off in the SSVP food chest in the gathering area. Currently we are looking for: cereal, pasta sauce, canned vegetables and canned fish/meat.

Monetary donations can be deposited in the drop-box in the food chest or by online donations through the St. Michaels Parish website https://saintmichael.ca/giving/. Please indicate funds are for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in the drop-down menu. 

If you or anyone you know needs assistance, please contact us at SSVP@saintmichael.ca or 403-249-0423 ext 122.


2022 Contribution Envelopes

Next year’s 2022 contribution envelopes are now available for pickup in the Gathering Area. Please look for your name alphabetically-organized, and note that your number may have changed from last year. If you have any questions, call the parish office at 403-249-0423.


Lectio Divina Books  

Lectio Divina Books for Year C (2021-2022) are now available at the stand next to the gift shop or at the parish office. Free will offering.


Indoor Social Gatherings

Due to provincial temporary measures, indoor social gathering after Mass or in the parish halls is not permitted. Please refrain from socializing in the Church after Mass.


Mass Schedule for December 24 – January 2


Friday, December 24, Christmas Eve

9 a.m.. – Fr. Edmund Vargas

4 p.m. – Fr. Raul Hernandez

6 p.m. – Fr. Raul Hernandez

8 p.m.—Fr. Edmund Vargas (Live Streamed)

10 p.m.—Fr. Edmund Vargas

Parish Office: 9:30 a.m. to noon


Saturday, December 25, Christmas Day

9 a.m.—Fr. Raul Hernandez

11 a.m.—Fr. Edmund Vargas (Live Streamed)

Sunday, December 26, Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

9 a.m.—Fr. Raul Hernandez

11 a.m.—Fr. Edmund Vargas 

5 p.m.—Fr. Edmund Vargas


Tuesday, December 28, Feast of the Holy Innocents 

6 p.m.—Fr. Edmund Vargas

Parish office closed

Wednesday, December 29

9 a.m.—Fr. Edmund Vargas

Parish office: 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon

Thursday, December 30

9 a.m.—Fr. Raul Hernandez

Parish office: 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon


Friday, December 31, New Year’s Eve

9 a.m.—Fr. Edmund Vargas

5 p.m.—Fr. Raul Hernandez

Parish office: 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon

Saturday, January 1, New Year’s Day, Solemnity of Mary, the 

Holy Mother of God – Holy Day of Obligation

9 a.m.—Fr. Raul Hernandez

11 a.m.—Fr. Edmund Vargas

5 p.m.—Fr. Edmund Vargas

Sunday, January 2, Epiphany of The Lord

9 a.m.—Fr. Edmund Vargas

11 a.m. Fr. Raul Hernandez

5 p.m.—Fr. Raul Hernandez



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