Our Faith in Action: Bishop O’Byrne Housing Project

Posted 2017-11-29 by @saintmichaelyyc

Submitted by Nicolette Miller, Bishop O’Byrne Housing Association. For Together in Action/Diocese of Calgary.

One of the families that receive support has a pre-teen son who was born with clubbed feet and had several surgeries early in life. As he continues to grow, so do his feet. In addition, the mother, with chronic illnesses, is unable to work and the family has had to make many financial sacrifices.

Armando, the father, tells us that they have not been yet able to pay for his son’s orthotics, which are now priced at $600 but have been saving up. The rent subsidy will allow them to purchase these insoles much sooner than otherwise — offering a respite from the extreme pain the son suffers when he walks — and an opportunity to enjoy everyday childhood activities which are nearly impossible for him currently to enjoy.

Because of the subsidy and the support of the Diocese, Armando tells us he can do this as he no longer fears to end up back at the shelter where they were living before finding their affordable home at Columbus Place. A deeply religious man, he tears up and looks to the sky when saying that God finally listened to his prayers about having a safe and affordable home for him and his wife to raise their son.

Thanks to the subsidy, their son has been able to enroll in extra-curricular activities with his school friends which were previously considered an unattainable luxury. They expect to be able to buy his insoles by the end of October.

There are many stories within the walls of Columbus Place of people who have faced hardships, overcome adversity and are doing their best to keep a stable roof over their heads. Through the Together in Action grant, we have been able to help a few of these folks, and hope we can continue to subsidize rents for those that need it the most as we aim for our primary goal of making all the rents at Columbus Place truly affordable.

Thank you to everyone who has chosen to support the Together in Action Campaign.



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