This Catholic High School is Taking Religion Class to a New Level

Posted 2018-04-13 by @saintmichaelyyc

Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School/YouTube

Check out this Catholic High School’s Senior Evangelization Project

On Wednesday, Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School in Virginia Beach, VA, posted a YouTube video about their unique evangelization project. It stirred conversation on Twitter and caught the attention of Bishop Robert Barron.

John Goerke, a theology teacher at Bishop Sullivan, asked his students to read and study the thought of pivotal Catholic writers and theologians such as G.K. Chesterton, Cardinal John Henry Newman, and St. John Paul II’s Fides et Ratio, among others. Then, to fulfill the requirements for their Senior Evangelization Project, Goerke set his students to the task of creating their own video on Catholicism.

“I wanted to name the award after a great American evangelist,” says Goerke. “I thought about naming it the ‘Bishop Fulton Sheen Award,’ but I don’t like letting kids use my chalkboard.

“And besides, he was the bishop of the airwaves. You (Bishop Barron) are the bishop of the internet.”

Watch the video here:

After asking influencers in Catholic Twitter for help in re-tweeting their video, the word eventually got to Bishop Barron, who gladly accepted the request. Check out his tweet below:

The video quickly spread throughout Catholic users on Twitter, with excited users reacting very optimistically to the project. Brilliant, isn’t it — what do you think?



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