St. Michael Catholic Community Strategic Plan

Posted 2017-12-15 by @saintmichaelyyc

For the past four months, a Strategic Planning Team has worked with Fr. John to prepare St. Michael’s five-year pastoral plan. Its initial work has been to articulate the parish community’s mission, values, and vision. These individuals have graciously committed for at least two years to see the plan’s full implementation.

The Strategic Planning Team

The members of the team are Vaughan Achebe, Mike Berezowski, Pat Brennan, Matthew Borras, Shaanen Cross, Silvia Pinto de Plazas, Tammy Ringstad, Pam Van De Mosselaer, Hilary Vos, and Fr. John.

Mission: why we exist

St. Michael Catholic Community is a Spirit-filled place where all may experience that they’re seen, known, and loved by God, and who shares this encounter with others.

Values: how we fulfill our mission

Worship: the Eucharistic celebration is the source and summit of our faith, which we seek to live and serve with our whole lives in contemporary, vibrant, and creative ways.

Prayer: we constantly renew our friendship with Jesus through the Catholic Church’s sacramental life, as well as communal and personal prayer in order to find meaning, consolation, and direction in our lives.

Fellowship: we openly receive people into the parish community — active parishioners and those visiting for the first time — so that they will encounter the parish as a community of love for all who seek Jesus.

Disciple-making: through our personal encounter with Jesus, we draw others to form a lifelong friendship with him and his bride, the Church, who in turn share this divine love with others.

Generosity: we readily radiate our friendship with Jesus by sharing our time, talent, and treasure to make his Kingdom come.

Vision: where we aspire to be in five years

To be Calgary’s model spiritual field hospital that warms hearts and heals the wounds of those suffering in life through a personal relationship with the Triune God and the community of his friends.

Why this matters

  • Just like going to a hospital, the parish community is a place where people can be tangibly healed through an encounter of God’s mercy. Those who are healed are then commanded to love like Jesus, and so they become his friends (John 15:15)
  • We live in a post-Christian society and many people don’t know God’s healing love or even the basic story of salvation. Through this pastoral plan, all parishioners are empowered as medics and sent to the world to offer personal and compelling witness to what Jesus has done to heal their wounds and warm their hearts. These medics encounter people where they are at, and share with them who Jesus is and why He matters. Then, those who are healed grow more mature in love: belong-believe-behave.
  • There is a sense of urgency to bring Christ’s extraordinary grace into the world through our own ordinary lives. The Church and the Gospel still have relevance in the public square, and every parishioner has a part to play in the well-ordering of this parish as a field hospital, since “each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good” (1 Corinthians 12:7). Also, the parish community and all its activities and programs will “equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12).
  • The parish community is not a club. It is not a museum or even a drive-thru where a person only receives. Rather, it is a place to give back to the community and to the world as a result of his or her encounter with God.
  • With the speed of changes in areas such as technology and medicine, we need innovative Catholic responses. In this area, St. Michael’s can use its resources to make compassionate Christian responses that serve as a model and resource to other churches.

Our Four Pastoral Priorities

  • Make the Sunday Eucharist important, inviting, and informative
    • Our celebration of the Sunday Eucharist is such an attractive experience that it invites others to participate, while extending opportunities to learn and become members of this community.
  • Evangelization
    • All the parish community activities and programs equip medics primarly through small faith-sharing communities
  • Campus Plan
    • To make St. Michael’s a “launching pad” for its medics by making it more functional and beautiful
  • Celebrate St. Michael’s 60th anniversary in 2019
    • A year-long celebration to honour God’s past blessings that serves as an inspiration for the future building up of his Kingdom.



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