Staff Changes in January 2021

Posted 2020-12-13 by St. Michael's Communications

From Fr. Poul Narisetti, Administrator of St. Michael Catholic Community

Dear Parish Staff and Parishioners,

Bishop McGrattan explained in his most recent pastoral letter to the faithful that the Diocese and the parishes have made difficult financial decisions this year that will affect staffing both in the Catholic Pastoral Centre and the parishes in the year 2021.

Having met with the staff, I would like to share with you the following staff who will continue to serve in the parish for 2021.

  • Ayman Baghdan – Custodian
  • Kyle De Jaegher – Sound Booth Technician
  • Ryan Factura – Communications Coordinator
  • Suzy Moutinho – Director of Operations
  • Demetrio Navarro – Musician (Sunday 5 p.m.)
  • Fredy Lemus Pantaleon – Custodian
  • Angelo Pastega – Sound Booth Technician (casual)
  • Maureen Ross – Sacrament Coordinator

As we end this year and prepare for the upcoming year, I will continue to discuss with the parish team how we can continue to creatively find ways to provide ministries that are essential to parish life with the involvement of the finance council and the volunteers here in the parish.

I take this opportunity to thank the staff who, for parish financial reasons, will not be coming to their positions, active employees who have been informed that their employment will end on Dec. 31, 2020 due to restructuring of roles and responsibilities, and those laid-off or active employees who declined to accept the changes to their working conditions that were made to their employment contracts. I extend to each our thanks and appreciation for their service and contributions to the parish. I ask that we keep them in our prayers.

  • Luisa Adams – Secretary
  • Julia Alamos – Assistant Custodian
  • Mae Collet – Supervisor Collections Counting
  • Nolan Conrad – Youth Ministry Coordinator
  • John Dawech – Custodian
  • Helen Gal – Relief Receptionist
  • Rosalie Geeraert – Facilities Manager/Bookkeeping
  • Sarah Hewitt – Receptionist
  • Jim Howells – Music Director
  • Marvin Matthews – Volunteer Coordinator
  • Alison Straface – Kids Kingdom/Roots

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the staff who work hard to make the parish a safe and welcoming place as well as all of you who have shared your time and resources to help us in the operation of the parish especially during this pandemic.

Thank you very much and I appreciate all of you.

In Christ,
Fr. Poul Narisetti

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