Answering Pope Francis’ call to be a spiritual field hospital

St. Michael’s Strategic Plan

A Vision for St. Michael's

The Strategic Leadership Team’s work, which began in the Fall of 2017, has resulted in a comprehensive and carefully thought-out Strategic Plan, which supports St. Michael’s vision of being Calgary’s model spiritual field hospital.

In recent months and after further deliberations, the team identified specific goals and objectives organized into five strategic pillars. Together, they support our vision and establish a forward-thinking approach on not only what but how we do things at St. Michael’s.

Our vision is founded on these five pillars.

Strategic planning process (click to enlarge)

Five Strategic Pillars

Sunday Eucharist Priority

Make the Sunday Eucharist important, inviting, informative and inspirational.

Align ministries, programs and services with our mission, vision and values

So that we may more effectively express our values of Fellowship/Community, Disciple-Making, and Generosity, and with consideration to our surrounding community in order to effectively identify and serve those in need.

Optimize our current facility

Optimize the functionality, efficiency and accessibility of St. Michael’s current facility to better support our values of Fellowship, Disciple-Making, and Generosity.

Enhance our current facility

Enhance St. Michael’s current facilities to provide a more clearly holy, sacred environment to better support our values of Worship and Prayer.

Projects on undeveloped lands

Evaluate, select and executive projects on SMCC lands to support our values of Fellowship, Disciple-Making, and Generosity, and to increase engagement and interaction with the surrounding community.

Mission: Why we exist

St. Michael Catholic Community is a Spirit-filled church where all may experience that they are seen, known, and loved by God, and who share this encounter with others.

Vision: Where we are going

To be Calgary’s model spiritual field hospital: because each believer is a medic, sent out from the Eucharistic celebration to warm the hearts and heal the wounds of those suffering in life.

Values: How we fulfill our mission


The Eucharistic celebration is the source and summit of our faith, which we seek to live and serve with the whole of our lives in contemporary, vibrant, and creative ways.


We constantly renew our friendship with Jesus through the Catholic Church’s sacramental life, as well as communal and personal prayer in order to find meaning, consolation, and direction in our lives.


We openly receive people into the parish community — active parishioners and those visiting for the first time — so that they will encounter the parish as a community of love for all who seek Jesus.


Through our personal encounter with Jesus, we draw others to form a lifelong friendship with him and his bride the Church who, in turn, share this divine love with others.


We readily radiate our friendship with Jesus by sharing our time, talent, and treasure to make his Kingdom come.

Our Four Pastoral Priorities

Make the Sunday Eucharist important, inviting, informative, and inspirational

The Sunday Mass is the highlight of everyone’s week, and everything about the celebration is excellent. It is where we come together to praise God, hear him in Scriptures, offer the sacrifice of our lives, eat the Lord’s supper, and then sent out to build up his Kingdom.


Inspire everybody who is serious about a relationship with Jesus and the Church to become a medic, so they will offer personal and compelling witness on what Jesus has done for them to those who don’t know or have forgotten his love.

St. Michael’s Campus Plan Development

Make the church more beautiful and functional to deepen worship, learn about the faith, and call each other to service.

Celebrate our 60th Anniversary in 2019

A time to thank God for blessing St. Michael’s for the past six decades, and to serve as an inspiration for the next 60 years.

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