Bulletin: 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Think & Thank

October 9, 2022

For thinking creatures, gratitude is supposed to be a natural reaction. The British philanthropist Moses Montefiore has this motto in his home: “Think and thank.” It reflects the linguistic fact that the work “thankfulness” comes from the old Anglo-Saxon term which means “thinkfulness”. “Think” and “thank” come from the same root. To “think” of God’s blessings is to “thank” Him for them. We “think”, therefore, we “thank”. A thinking creature should be naturally and spontaneously “thankful”.  
The celebration of Thanksgiving Day, a holiday in our country, is a testament of a people thankful for the bountiful blessings we now enjoy. The natural symbols we have in our sanctuary expresses our spirit of gratitude to God for His gift of life and its resources. We offer back to God what He has given us as gifts. When we offer up the gifts of bread and wine during the Offertory Rite, the priest prays on our own behalf: “Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation. Through your goodness we have this bread and wine to offer, which earth has given and human hands have made, they will become for us the bread of life and our spiritual drink.” 
We imagine that everybody is naturally thankful, at least for the good things of life. But this may not be true. Many people go through life complaining and grumbling. They never say “thank you” to God or to anybody else. Perhaps, because they have never been taught to be grateful. As children, we are told to say “thank you” when somebody gives us something. Otherwise we would as children take the good deed for granted and say nothing. We are taught to express gratitude, to say “thank you” when somebody gives us something. Gratitude is a learned habit. It is incumbent on us to teach this virtue of gratitude to our children and our children’s children. We have to become a grateful people. Gratitude is a memory of the heart. Our children will learn and remember the various words and acts of gratitude we extend to others.
The Mass we attend and celebrate is a Eucharist. Eucharist comes from the Greek verb “eucharisto” which means “I thank”. Each Mass is an act of thanksgiving to God. The Preface to the Eucharistic Prayer begins with these words: “Father, it is our duty and our salvation, always and everywhere, to give you thanks.”
A Life of Thanksgiving
The early settlers of North America originated Thanksgiving Day to celebrate a successful harvest. If the harvest was good, then the food was carefully stored and lasted throughout the year. People celebrated and praised God for his goodness knowing they would have enough food to last the winter and would not starve.
In many places in the world, what happens to the harvest if no rain falls and there is drought? Without rain, the crops cannot grow and the harvest will be poor or none. Without food to gather, the families go hungry and even starve. With today’s grocery stores, most of us buy what we need without thinking about where it comes from. We expect to have food, clothing and shelter without thinking about who will provide all of our needs.
Just as God shares his gifts with us, so must we share these gifts with others as an act of thanksgiving. We share what God has given us by helping people help themselves. We have to work for a more equitable distribution of our world’s resources. We have to work for justice and the development of peoples. We have to stretch beyond the comfort zone of our economic prosperity.
We pray: “Almighty God, we are grateful to you for our existence. We are sorry for the complaints you often hear from us. In fact, “our cup runneth over”. Help us to live your gift of life to the fullest each day of our life in the spirit of thanksgiving.  Amen.”
Healing Lines
Isolation is one of the main symptoms of violence and abuse against others. In order to control someone, it is best to isolate them from truth and compassion. How do we isolate the seniors in our families and communities? Do we limit their contributions to our daily lives? Do we neglect their needs and feelings? Do we keep them separate from others by insisting they stay at home or not including them in our family and community activities? Do we put up barriers through language and abilities? Everyone has a choice to be who they are and to live a fulfilling life. Our seniors have contributed so much, whether in this country or in their birth country. Let us listen to God’s voice and not harden our hearts against older family members and parishioners.
“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” ― Angela Y. Davis




Registration for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion 

If you have a child who is in grade 2 or older, they are eligible to receive the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. For more information, and to register, please visit our website at https://saintmichael.ca/first-communion-and-reconciliation/.


Volunteer Catechist Opportunity

If you are interested in volunteering as a catechist for the First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion program, please contact Francesca at sacramentprep@saintmichael.ca or 403-249-0423 ext 126.


Interested in Becoming Catholic?

If you or someone you know is an adult interested in becoming Catholic, please contact Don at bryantdg@shaw.ca to register for RCIA.


RCIA Sponsors Needed

Tuesdays, 7 pm to 9 pm

RCIA has begun, and we are looking for Sponsors for our new catechumens and candidates. In order to be a Sponsor, you must be a fully initiated, practicing Catholic over the age of 16. If married, you must be married in the Catholic Church. Sponsors are asked to attend sessions every Tuesday night from 7 pm to 9 pm, and accompany their candidate to Mass on Sundays. If you feel called to be a Sponsor, please contact Francesca at sacramentprep@saintmichael.ca.


Rosary Ministry

Tuesday, October 11 

October is the month of the Holy Rosary; the Catholic Church dedicates the rosary to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The rosary is also a family prayer. Join us in praying the rosary on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 8:25 am and Tuesdays at 6:30 pm.

The Rosary Group and CWL is hosting a living rosary in St. Mary’s Chapel on Tuesday, October 11 after the 6 pm Mass. All are invited. A living rosary: Participants stand in a circle shaped like a rosary as if each person is a bead on the rosary. The rosary begins with the first person assigned and continues with each person saying one prayer until the rosary is completed. We need at last 55 participants to complete the rosary. If not, we will continue with the participants in the circle until the rosary is completed. The rosary group will provide battery-operated candles on the evening. Each participant will be provided with a candle. As the rosary begins the person assigned to the first prayer lights his or her candle. This continues around the circle until all candles are lit. Anyone for whom English is not their mother tongue can pray in their own language and we can all answer the prayer in English.


Alpha for Adults and Alpha for Youth

Wednesday, October 12

Alpha is a ten week program to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open, and informal environment. It will run on Wednesdays at 7 pm starting on October 12, 2022 at the church (“in-person” only). There will be two 

programs offered: Adults (with an option to be in a Spanish speaking small group) and Youth in grades 7 to 9. A 

dessert or a light snack will be served, followed by a short video, and small group discussion. The session will end by 8:45 pm. For more details or to register go to: https://saintmichael.ca/alpha/


Alpha Volunteer Opportunity

We require volunteers to assist with providing hospitality and serving food and drinks to our guests on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm starting October 12 to December 14. Please contact Mark at (403) 836-0545 or email alpha@saintmichael.ca.


Christmas Hamper Outreach

Monday, December 19

Save the date! Hamper Assembly Day will be Monday December 19. On that day, the bulk of hampers will be prepared and delivered. This year, the program will return to its usual scale, with some changes based on what we learned from adapting during the past two years of Covid-19 lockdowns.  

Referrals: Referrals will be accepted from parish schools, and through the SSVP intake line at 403-249-0423 extension 122. Our referral process opens in later October. Watch the bulletin for further information.  

Volunteer! Many hands will be needed in the days prior to, and during Hamper Day. If you wish to volunteer on Hamper Day, please contact Marvin Matthews at mmatthews@saintmichael.ca to discuss your interest and note that completion of some volunteer paperwork will be a requirement.  

Join the Organizing Committee! If you are interested in joining the Hamper Organizing Committee, our initial meeting is Monday September 19 at 7pm at the church. Please contact Colleen at jcfitzpat@shaw.ca to confirm attendance and for further details.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our important outreach.


Knitting Ministry

Thursdays, starting October 13 at 10 am

We invite everyone in the parish to join us in our fall project of knitting/crocheting hats, scarves, neck warmers, mitts for the needy (mostly adults). Last year we collected almost 100 beautifully made items which were donated to and gratefully received by several charities serving the homeless. There will be a collection box in the gathering area with an end date of Thursday, December 15. Thank you for helping us meet this ongoing need! If you have any questions or want more info, please contact Carol at 403-282-6469 or Christine at 403-686-2820.


Society of St. Vincent de Paul 

Special thanks to all St. Michael parishioners for supporting the Society of St. Vincent de Paul! If you or anyone you know needs assistance, please contact us at SSVP@saintmichael.ca or 403-249-0423 ext 122.

We are looking for new members. If you are interested, contact us at SSVP@saintmichael.ca or 403-249-0423 ext 122. 

Donations of non-perishable food items can be dropped off in the SSVP food chest in the gathering area. Currently we are looking for: cereal, pasta sauce, canned vegetables and canned fish/meat.

Monetary donations can be deposited in the drop-box in the food chest or by online donations through the St. Michaels Parish website https://saintmichael.ca/giving/. Please indicate funds are for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in the drop-down menu.


40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign

Friday, October 14

St. Michael is once again part of this prayer campaign. Over 5000 babies are killed at the Kensington abortion facility every year. 40 Days for Life is a prayerful, respectful campaign that seeks to bring awareness to the inconvenient truth that abortion kills innocent human beings. Our prayerful presence during 40 Days at abortion centres around the world draws attention to the plight of preborn children and seeks God’s help through intercessory prayer. Will you join us? Sign up and be a loving, prayerful voice for the preborn babies who have no voice but ours.  We know from the testimonies of many that these campaigns save lives. St. Michael’s day to pray this campaign is Friday, October 14. Please join us and signup online at 40 Days for Life.  Click on the “SIGN UP FOR VIGIL HOURS” box and choose an hour or more on Friday, October 14. Please sign up for a time slot between the hours of 10 am to 4pm. Up to four persons can sign up for each one hour time slot. Signs are provided.


Mass Schedule for this Weekend

Saturday, October 8, 5 pm Mass: Fr. Edmund Vargas 

Sunday, October 9, 9 am  Mass: Fr. Edmund Vargas

Sunday, October 9, 11 am & 5 pm  Masses: Fr. Raul Hernandez




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