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The Vision of Man Fully Alive

St. Michael’s Men’s Ministry is offering a new year of That Man is You! on Wednesday mornings at 6 a.m., beginning Sept. 5, 2018.

The Vision of Man Fully Alive is a brand-new program (filmed in April 2018) that enables men to experience authentic Christian freedom by entering into a deeper relationship with the Eucharist, the Word of God, and the Will of God.

The program has eight new speakers, new personalities, and new topics while still building on themes from the first four years of TMIY formation. The truly great thing about this new program is that if you have never attended or simply came to a couple of sessions, you can jump into this new content without any issue.


The program begins with breakfast and an introductory session on Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018 at 6 a.m. and will continue for 13 consecutive Wednesdays until Dec. 5, 2018.

  • 6 a.m. Continental breakfast
  • 6:30 a.m. Presentation
  • 7 a.m. Small group discussion
  • 7:30 a.m. Conclusion


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Among the presenters and topics this fall:

The Harmony of Faith and Science

By Dr. Chris Baglow, Professor of Theology at Notre Dame Seminary

The Path to Authentic Spiritual Freedom

By Fr. Dave Pivonka, creator of The Wild Goose series

Superabundant Relationships

By Jason Evert, Theology of the Body speaker and founder of The Chastity Project

A Deeper Understanding of the Gospels

By Dr. John Cavadini, former Theology Department Chair at Notre Dame University and consultant to the USCCB.

Week 1 – The Vision of Man Fully Alive

  • Speaker: Fr. Dave Pivonka
  • A Completely New TMIY Program
  • Nine Dynamic New Speakers
  • New Topics
  • New Approach
  • “Three Foods” Essential to the Spiritual Life

Week 2 – Out of Bondage

  • Speaker: Fr. Dave Pivonka
  • What is True Freedom
  • John Paul II’s Words on Freedom to the US
  • Fall from Freedom into Bondage
  • The Story of Moses, the Israelites, and Pharoah
  • The One Who Came to Set Us Free

Week 3 – From Gangland to Promised Land

  • Speaker: John Pridmore
  • The Mighty and Transforming Power of God
  • Riveting Conversion Story
  • God Rejoices to Forgive all Men
  • God Provides True Forgiveness and True Freedom
  • God Works Miracles in the Hearts of Men

Week 4 – The Freedom to Choose the Good

  • Speaker: Fr. Dave Pivonka
  • The Fullness and Power of Freedom
  • Violating the Gift of True Freedom
  • Freedom to Choose the Good
  • The Holy Desires God Places in Our Hearts
  • Accepting Weaknesses and Wounds
  • Choosing for the Good of Others

Week 5 – Abiding Presence

  • Speaker: Mark Hartfiel
  • Family as Your Primary Vocation
  • The Dreams of TMIY
  • Freedom Finds Expression in Abiding Presence
  • The Power of a Father’s Presence
  • The Five Spiritual Principles
  • Does Your Family Crave Your Presence?

Week 6 – Joyful Service

  • Speaker: Deacon Richard Grant
  • Leadership Through Heroic Service
  • Becoming an Image of God Through Service to Others
  • Freedom Finds Expression in Joyful Service
  • The Journey to Sainthood
  • Leadership as Servant-Leadership

Week 7 – Loving Sacrifice

  • Speaker: John Sablan
  • The Greatest Love
  • How We Are Called to Lay Down Our Life for Others
  • True Freedom Finds Expression in Loving Sacrifice
  • The Holy Link Between Love and Sacrifice
  • How to Give Your Life Away to Those You are Entrusted With

Week 8 – The Source and Summit

  • Speaker: Fr. Dave Pivonka
  • The Three Spiritual Foods
  • Eucharist – The Source and Summit of the Spiritual Life
  • The Greatest Source of Grace
  • The Table of the Lord and The Dinner Table
  • Developing a Supernatural Hunger
  • The Superabundant Gift of the Eucharist

Week 9 – The Gospel of Mark: Is Seeing Believing?

  • Speaker: Dr. John Cavadini
  • The Second Spiritual Food
  • Spiritual Blindness and the Eyes of Faith
  • How God Speaks to the Depths of Our Hearts
  • Understanding the Recurring Theme and Message of Mark’s Gospel
  • Encounter the Lord with Greater Intimacy

Week 10 – The Gospel of Mark: The LORD of the Sea

  • Speaker: Dr. John Cavadini
  • Mark’s Gospel and a Deeper Contemplation of God
  • How God’s Word Becomes Our Daily Bread
  • The Richness of Sacred Scripture
  • Your Eucharistic Gaze
  • Developing a Hunger for the Word of God

Week 11 – The Gospel of John: The Book of Signs

  • Speaker: Dr. John Cavadini
  • The Book of Signs and the Seven Miracles
  • Understanding with the Eyes of Faith
  • The Structure and Outline of John’s Gospel
  • Miracles as Signs of Something Deeper

Week 12 – The Gospel of John: The Book of Glory

  • Speaker: Dr. John Cavadini
  • The Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ
  • Christ’s Ultimate Moment of Glory
  • Mary Our Spiritual Mother
  • A Superabundance of Joy from the Wedding Feast in Cana

Week 13 – Friends of St. Joseph

  • Speaker: Steve Bollman
  • Review 7 Steps of TMIY
  • Moving from the Purgative Stage to the Illuminative Stage
  • Overcoming Obstacles in the Spiritual Life
  • The Journey from Bondage to Spiritual freedom
  • Modeling Your Spiritual Life After St. Joseph
  • Amici de Giuseppe
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