Men’s Ministry

The Vision of Man Fully Alive

St. Michael’s Men’s Ministry is offering a new year of That Man is You! on Wednesday mornings at 6 a.m., beginning Jan. 16, 2019.

The Vision of Man Fully Alive is a brand-new program (filmed in April 2018) that enables men to experience authentic Christian freedom by entering into a deeper relationship with the Eucharist, the Word of God, and the Will of God.

The program has eight new speakers, new personalities, and new topics while still building on themes from the first four years of TMIY formation. The truly great thing about this new program is that if you have never attended or simply came to a couple of sessions, you can jump into this new content without any issue.


The program begins on Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019, at 6 a.m. and will continue for 13 consecutive Wednesdays.

  • 6 a.m. Continental breakfast
  • 6:30 a.m. Presentation
  • 7 a.m. Small group discussion
  • 7:30 a.m. Conclusion


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Among the presenters and topics this Winter:

The Harmony of Faith and Science

By Dr. Chris Baglow, Professor of Theology at Notre Dame Seminary

The Path to Authentic Spiritual Freedom

By Fr. Dave Pivonka, creator of The Wild Goose series

Superabundant Relationships

By Jason Evert, Theology of the Body speaker and founder of The Chastity Project

A Deeper Understanding of the Gospels

By Dr. John Cavadini, former Theology Department Chair at Notre Dame University and consultant to the USCCB.

Week 1 – The 3 Spiritual Foods

  • The Universal Call to Holiness
  • Learning to Feed Upon Spiritual Foods
  • The Word of God is Light to Our Mind
  • The Will of God Purifies Our Will
  • The Eucharist is the Ultimate Spiritual Food
  • The Seven Steps and Ages in the Spiritual Life
  • The Challenge of Sexual Purity in Today’s Culture

Week 2 – The Strength to Serve

  • Meet Jason Evert
  • 2000 Pro Athletes vs. 0 US Born Male Saints
  • The Myth of a Gender-Neutral World
  • The Wisdom of God’s Design for Humanity as Male and Female
  • When God is Forgotten …
  • Two Different Paths
  • To Serve or Be Served

Week 3 – Initiators of Love

  • Jason Evert is Back
  • A Prophet First Listens, Then Speaks, and Finally Initiates Love
  • Learning “to be” in the Company of Jesus
  • A New Way for Men
  • A Spiritual Portrait of Women
  • Marriage is an Adventure

Week 4 – Initiators of Life

  • Jason Evert is Back for the Last Time
  • To Initiate Life and Sustain What is Created
  • How the Culture Views Having Children
  • Father and Creator
  • God Reflected in Our Souls and Bodies
  • Entering into our Own Depth
  • An Object of Adultery
  • The Process of Re-Learning

Week 5 – Faith and Science: Friends or Foes?

  • Meet Dr. Chris Baglow
  • A Crisis of Faith and Reason
  • The How vs. the Why
  • How Things Work vs. What They Mean
  • Does Modern Science Conflict with the Bible?
  • The Study of Creation Can Bring Us Back to God
  • Going Deeper Than Darwin

Week 6 – Science and Scripture: The Catholic Approach

  • Baglow is Back
  • When The Father Meets His Children
  • The Attacks from Atheists
  • Views on Creation
  • A Scientific Cosmogony
  • What Scripture Teaches and What it Doesn’t Teach
  • Science and Sacred Scriptures

Week 7 – Loving Sacrifice

  • Speaker: John Sablan
  • The Greatest Love
  • How We Are Called to Lay Down Our Life for Others
  • True Freedom Finds Expression in Loving Sacrifice
  • The Holy Link Between Love and Sacrifice
  • How to Give Your Life Away to Those You are Entrusted With

Week 8 – Physics and Faith

  • Baglow Returns
  • Contemporary Science Can Lead us to the Creator
  • Science Must Recognize its Limits
  • Errantly Worshipping Creation and Not The Creator
  • A Scientific Atheism
  • A Flawless Harmony
  • Science – Pointing Beyond Itself

Week 9 – Evolution and Faith

  • Baglow is Back for the Last Time
  • The Church and Evolution
  • Can We Believe Parts of the Evolution Theory?
  • What Can’t We Believe as Catholics?
  • The Heresy of Evolutionism
  • Avoiding Theological Assumptions
  • The Providence of God
  • Going Deeper than Darwin

Week 10 – A Limitless Love

  • The Return of John Pridmore – A Story of Mercy
  • God’s Embrace through Reconciliation
  • “Give God Permission”
  • Encountering the Mercy of Christ
  • A Mercy that Transforms Us
  • Freedom in God’s Mercy
  • To See Ourselves as God Sees Us

Week 11 – The Wild Goose

  • Dave Pivonka Returns
  • The Descent of the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus Breathes on the Apostles
  • The Power of the Breath of God
  • Having a Relationship with the Holy Spirit
  • God Brings to Life Dry Bones

Week 12 – Life in the Spirit

  • Dave Pivonka is Back
  • A New Creation in Christ
  • Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness …
  • What are the Works of the Flesh
  • The Holy Spirit as a Seal for Marriage Covenant
  • The Holy Spirit is Present in Difficult Times
  • Giving Witness to Jesus

Week 13 – Grace Perfects Nature

  • John Sablan Returns
  • The Three-fold Expression
  • The Body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit
  • The Need for Self-Control and Self-Mastery
  • A Life of Grace
  • The Necessity of the Spiritual Battle
  • The Tale of Two Kings

Week 14 – The Road to Nazareth

  • Spiritual Food for the Journey
  • The Need for a Plan – 7 Steps
  • Developing the Spirit of Nazareth
  • The Need for a Band of Brothers
  • Become a Friend of St. Joseph
  • Living Your Life as A Gift for Others
  • Becoming a Missionary to the Family
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